Hi-Super Brand Fuel Saving King Diesel /Heavy Oil Additive
[Operation Efficiency]

    When added into diesel or heavy oil according to the operation method, the product will have the functions of reducing fuel consumption, eliminating carbon deposit, and protecting the equipment and environment.

1. Fuel Saving

    The fuel saving rate of the product ranges from 5 to 15% with different equipment and in different conditions.

    On the right hand is a schematic diagram of the fuel consumption rates of fuels with and without additive, where the curve of the fuel with additive shows that there is no obvious variation in the technical performance of the equipment after long term running, however, the curve of the fuel without additive shows that the technical performance of the equipment is getting worse and fuel consumption rate getting higher and obviously because of incomplete combustion. The shadow part of the figure shows the accumulated fuel saving quantity resulted from using additive.

    The application practice shows that the fuel saving rate of the additive is much higher in actual use than in test, in used fuel combustion equipment than in new equipment. Especially, it is highly effective for low quality heavy oil.

    2. Environment Protection

    The other effect of the product in improving the combustion condition and eliminating carbon deposit is reflected by reducing the exhaust temperature by 10 to 20℃, eliminating black smoke of the exhaust and lowering the concentration of harmful exhausts, such as nitric oxide and carbon monoxide (more than 30% in average). As a result, the contamination has been reduced and the environment protection has been improved.

    In the recent years, more and more application practices indicate that the fuel saving and environment protection functions of the product mentioned above are very obvious and highly appreciated by customers. For the efficiency in different industries and equipment, refer to the application examples.

    3. Operation Guarantee

    The application of the product will be helpful for realizing complete combustion, preventing or reducing carbon deposit in the fuel combustion equipment, removing existing carbon deposit from the fuel combustion equipment which has large quantity of carbon deposit. For removing carbon deposit in the cylinders and pressurizers, obvious effect of the product will appear normally after 15 days starting from the application, and the best effect will appear after 24 days. The significant combined economic benefit of the product also comes from the cost saving of equipment maintenance contributed by use of the product which protects the equipment and prolongs the maintenance cycle by prohibiting or reducing the corrosion to the equipment and lowering the worn-out of equipment and components.

    Thanks to the application of the Hi-Super Brand "Fuel Saving King" and diesel fuel/heavy oil additive, the operational technical performance of a combustion engine or furnace can be maintained for long time and the production condition can be optimized, As a result, the running speed of the combustion engine and vapor generation rate of a boiler can be increased, and the power output of the equipment can be improved.

    4. Safety

    The product is free from poison, corrosion and radiation, and convenient for application.