Year Award


Excellent Award at the 4th China New Technologies and New Products Fair


Second Prize for Technological Advancement, Zhuhai
Excellent New Product Award, Guangdong Province


Listed among "Diesel/Heavy Oil Additive Products" published by the Ministry of Communications
Letter of Recommendation as Excellent Energy Saving Product issued by the State Economic and Trade Commission, the State Planning Commission and the State Science and Technology Commission


Listed as National Key New Product by the State Economic and Trade Commission
Awarded the honorable title "the Best of China" by Development and Research Center under the State Council
Became the only marine diesel/heavy oil additive published and promoted by the Ministry of Communications


Listed as a National Key Energy Saving Product promoted in the 9th Five-Year Plan period


Cited in the Special List of Publication of Leading Brands in China of 1998
Granted Certificate of Patent for Invention, Patent No. ZL.94.l.00545.3, International Patent Classification No. C10L 1/18


International Highest Gold Prize at 1999 Nobel World Chemical Achievements Fair jointly held by Nobel Invention Center of the US, Oriental International Exhibition Center of Canada and International Invention Exposition and Service Bureau of World Academy of Sciences

Circular on Promotion of Hi-Super Brand "Fuel Saving King", a State-Level Oil Saving Product, issued in Document No. ZGZ (1999) 040 by Zhuhai Industry Commission, Zhuhai Environmental Protection Bureau, Zhuhai Labor Bureau and Zhuhai Technical Supervision Bureau


Listed in the 3rd group of key in-use vehicular and marine energy saving products and technologies promoted in the 9th Five-Year Plan period in Document No. (2000)594 issued by the Ministry of Communications
Gold Prize at Hong Kong International New Products and New Technologies Fair