Located in Zhuhai by the beautiful bank of the South China Sea, Zhuhai Yongda Fine Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. is a hi-tech fine chemical enterprise integrating research, development and production of energy-saving, environment friendly additives, oil dispersal agent and biological cleansers as well as the utilization of wastes.

    The Company is founded after the approval of Zhuhai Administration of Industry and Commerce with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. It is headquartered at Yongda Building, No. 869 Meihua Road West, Zhuhai, covering a land area of 15,000 square meters with a total floor area of 13,000 square meters. The Company was awarded the honorable title of Enterprise Creditable for 10 consecutive Years by Guangdong Provincial Administration of Industry and Commerce, and boasts AA bank credit rating.

    The major product of the Company is the patented "Hi-Super" Brand "Fuel Saving King" additive for diesel/heavy oil (patent No. ZL94100545.3 and international patent classification No. C10L1/18), which is a leader in China.

    The product was listed in the 1995 Trial Production Plan of National Key New Products with the approval of the State Economic and Trade Commission and was approved as a National Energy-Saving Demonstration Project. Started in 1996, completed and put into operation in 1997, the project passed on May 8, 1998 the joint acceptance conducted by the State Economic and Trade Commission, the State Environment Protection Bureau, the Ministry of Communications, PLA General Logistics Department, China National Petroleum Corporation, China Shipping Group, Guangdong Provincial Planning Commission and Economic and Trade Commission and other departments. The production process is fully closed, automatically controlled and centrally operated with production techniques leading in the same type of products in the country at the end of the 1990s. With an annual output capacity of 10,000 tons, the Company has the biggest production base of diesel/heavy oil additives in China and even Southeast Asia.

    In 1994-2000, the product was listed as a National Key Vehicular and Marine Energy-Saving Product by the State Economic and Trade Commission, the State Planning Commission and the Ministry of Communications. As proved in the tests conducted by authoritative State research institutions and the use in many industries, the product is oil saving, environment friendly, operation guaranteed and safe. It features an oil saving rate of 5-15%, a carbon-removing rate of 70-85% and can reduce hazardous content in tail gas by over 30%. Besides, it is nontoxic, incorrosive, irradiant and safe and easy to use. In 1995, the product was awarded the honorable title "the Best in China" by Development and Research Center of the State Council. It won the Highest Gold Prize at Nobel World Chemical Achievement Fair in 1999 and Gold Prize at Hong Kong International New Products and New Technologies Fair in 2000.

    Since it was put on market in 1989, the product has been widely used in transportation, metallurgy, ceramics, glass, petroleum, chemical and other industries. It is sold to over 10 provinces and municipalities in China and exported to the countries and regions including Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong. It has brought considerable economic and social benefits to the users and enjoys widespread popularity in the relevant industries.

    As a hi-tech enterprise, the Company is backed by substantial technological strength. The long-term cooperative relations with the scientific research institutions, including Oil Research Institute of the PLA General Logistics Department, Chemistry Department of Jilin University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Ship Research Institute, have laid a solid foundation for the Company's sustainable development.

    Adhering to the tenet of "Yongda Chemical, Green and Energy Saving", the Company will produce more Hi-Super Brand "Fuel Saving King" series products to generate benefits for both itself and the society.

Organizational Structure of the Company