Since it was founded in 1989, Zhuhai Yongda Fine Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. has been adhering to the development tenet of "High Quality, Hi-tech and Modernized Management", maintaining the "Practical and Creditable" attitude while working diligently in the fuel additive market for 11 years. Despite the fact that the market is full of various domestic or imported additives, Yongda has been devoted to establishing a national brand. Yongda developed and produced its own "Hi-Super" Brand "Fuel Saving King" diesel/heavy oil additive and other products, and, by direct supply, established strategic partnership with many large, modernized domestic enterprises. Today, Yongda has secured its share of the market and become outstanding in the fuel additive industry of China.

    Yongda solemnly makes the following commitments:

    Guarantee of Production Technology

    Yongda’s technological renovation project was listed in 1997 as a national key project of energy saving demonstration promoted in the 8th Five-Year Plan period, and passed in 1998 the joint acceptance conducted by the experts from the State Economic and Trade Commission, the Ministry of Communications and the State Environmental Protection Bureau. As appraised by the experts, the Company "is equipped with the largest additive producing facilities in Southeast Asia", "has reached an annual output capacity of 10,000 tons of additive", "is running with a production process fully closed, automatically controlled and centrally operated and with production technology leading in the country at the end of the 1990s". At present, while implementing the 2000 version of ISO9000 quality certification, the Company will carry on production strictly in line with the certification criteria. Strict control will be executed on procurement of raw materials, use of formulas, perfection of technology, accuracy of computer control and other aspects in order to lay a solid foundation for our business cooperation with the customers.

    Guarantee of Product Quality

    Yongda’s control over product quality is reflected not merely in production process. Finished products are examined strictly in line with company standards by the quality inspection department before they are delivered from the factory. Samples are kept for each batch of products and complete files are set up to ensure that every batch can be checked on good grounds. The quality inspection department utilizes not only existing modernized equipment in the Company, but also large, sophisticated equipment in the provincial or municipal technical supervision bureaus, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Oil Research Institute of the PLA General Logistics Department and universities and institutes, which maintain long-term cooperative relations with the Company. This provides our hi-tech products with matched hi-tech quality inspection approaches.

    Guarantee of Safe Use

    The mechanism and formula of our "Hi-Super" brand "Fuel Saving King" diesel/heavy oil additive have been accredited by the State-level experts. Its high temperature corrosion and toxicology have also passed the tests conducted by the State-level inspection departments. Moreover, the product has been widely used by such large domestic petrochemical enterprises as Talimu Oilfield, Fushun Petrochemical and Guangzhou Chemical for many years, and has brought about good economic benefits. To assure our customers in terms of safe use, the Company solemnly promises to, on the strength of confirmation by an authoritative institution at the provincial level, compensate for all direct financial losses aroused by equipment accidents due to use of our additive products, provided they are correctly used.

    Guarantee of Product Packing

    The Company will introduce updated CI and VI concepts to renew its overall image. With the price unchanged, the product packing is completely changed to improve product identifiability, packing strength and its burglarproof performance. The Company conducts tests on packing of finished products strictly in accordance with the National Standard of the People’s Republic of China GB13508-92.

    Guarantee of After-Sale Service

    The Company has been considering after-sales service as an important bridge of communication with customers. Without prompt and good after-sale service, an enterprise will not be able to learn about customers’ demands and deficiencies of its own products, and would be lost on the way of development. Apart from a perfected customer follow-up system, the Company has kept, in its development process, the promise that its personnel will be present within 3 working days in case of a quality problem of the product used by a customer, wherever he is within the country. In the cooperation with our customer, we will fully start our after-sale service system, obtain first hand information and use it to evaluate the quality of our work.

    The promises we make to you are based on the existing good reputation of the Company. We will continue to adhere to the "Practical and Creditable" attitude and to further strengthen the cooperative relations with customers in the new century. Supported by the advanced technology, based on the commitment and aimed at a win-win cooperation, we will exert our best efforts to ensure your energy saving, environmental protection and safe production.

Zhuhai Yongda Fine Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.